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Experience the culture, the biodiversity, and the local nomadic tribes. Experience the Unknown only in Kenya.


Experience the exotic wildlife and rich culture of Tanzania, one of the most iconic safari destinations in the world.

South Africa

Experience the eclectic cultural mix, widely varied landscapes, and diverse wildlife of South Africa on this fantastic safari adventure.

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mark hamilton quinn

Your Private Guide to an
African Adventure

Mark is a professional second-generation safari guide in Africa with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has traveled extensively around the world visiting countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica, Belize, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Although Mark specializes in the continent of Africa, he has also done surfing safaris as well as tours in many other locations such as the Cayman Islands and Mexico. 
Mark Quinn in Africa
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Mark with a cheetah
As a guide, he combines his natural humor with a background in animal training and extensive knowledge of wildlife behavior to educate others in a safe environment. Mark believes that getting kids off their screens and outside makes them more compassionate and greater contributors to society.
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Mark Hamilton Quinn

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